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Buying Lake Chelan Real Estate

The Lake Chelan Area is a great place to buy a home or raise a family.  If you are new to the area we are always happy to discuss the various neighborhoods and locations that help you get your perfect place on the lake.

The Chelan Valley is fairly diverse.  Depending on what type of lifestyle and other interests you have you may choose the south shore, north shore, Manson, Chelan etc.

City of Chelan
Buying a home in the city proper has its advantages.  Being a small town allows you to easily walk to most spots in Chelan and the beach.  It gives you a neighborhood feel and easy access to nightlife.  If you have kids this can be a good option as they can many times walk to and from school.

Just outside the City
Living just outside the city really encompasses a lot of territory but in a radios of 3-4 miles from town there are lots of options that include waterfront homes and lots to properties with incredible views of the lake.  This is a great option for still being close to town but getting the view you want or that perfect Lake Chelan Waterfront Home.

Manson is a small community of the north shore of the lake, and about 7 miles from the city of Chelan.  The feel of Manson is slightly different than Chelan.  It's amazing what 7 miles will do.  Driving down the main street of the small town of Manson give you an wonderful view of the uptake mountains and is situated just off the lake.  Many of the area wineries are also located in Manson is one of the hidden gems where you can still find a good deal on real estate.  

South Shore of Lake Chelan
The South Shore of Lake Chelan is a totally different world than town.  From Lakeside all the way out to 25 Mile Creek it changes every few miles.  close to town still has a resort town feel, but the further you get out along the South Shore the more wooded it becomes and the more it feels like a throwback to what many of us think about when we having a cabin on the lake.  If you are in the market for a Chelan waterfront home, you will want to spend a little time on both sides of the lake to get a feel for the differences of each.  

The bottom-line is that our Agents are here to help you with your Lake Chelan Real Estate Search.  We can answer any questions you have and give you helpful things to think about as you begin your search.