Sellilng your Lake Chelan home

Choosing Your Real Estate Professional
Choosing a Lake Chelan real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you will make when selling Chelan real estate. You need an agent that is honest, reliable, and is willing to help you in any way that they can. We believe, and you soon will too, that we are the best choice in helping you sell your piece of Lake Chelan real estate.

We have gathered a comprehensive list of sellers tips to help you!

Make a Good First Impression
Making a good first impression on the buyer is important. Having a visually appealing house will attract more potential buyers and increase your chances of selling your home. Increasing the visual attractiveness of the house can be done by making sure landscaping is clean and tidy, making sure the entryway and front door(s), assuring that the siding of your house isn’t broken or damaged, and removing any lawn clutter.

Make Sure the House is Clean
Nothing can turn a buyer off more than a dirty house. Scrub the walls, doors, countertops and cabinets; shampoo the carpets and clean any tile or hardwood; clean any tubs, toilets, sinks and showers; clean out the oven; you want the house to be as close to sparkling as possible. Several hours of spent elbow grease cleaning will make all the difference when presenting a home.

Repair Fixtures, Faucets, and Hardware
Things such as sink faucets, cabinet and drawer handles, and light and socket fixtures, are all easy and cheap repairs that will greatly improve the look and feel of your house. Leaving these unkempt will detract from the other attractive features of your house and potentially cause you to lose out on a sale!

You want the buyer to see themselves in the home and view it as a potential dream home. If they feel like they are intruding onto your home, they will be less inclined to see themselves living in the house. To de-personalize the house, remove photos, personal items, knick-knacks, and any clutter. Keep the decor simple and neutral. If you have any more questions about de-personalizing your Lake Chelan house, we are here to help!


Leave the House
Buyers are much more likely to stay longer in the house and feel more comfortable if you are not there while they are looking at it. If you have to be there, be as unintrusive as possible; let your real estate agent do the work for you, there’s a reason why they are there!

Be Transparent
Buyers really appreciate honestly; if you stay transparent, buyers will be attracted to that and can be more inclined to buy your house. Let them know about any repairs that have been made on the house and let them know of any potential health risks or hazards of the house. Not only does the buyer appreciate your honesty, it can save you from a potential lawsuit in the future.